Music gives soul to the universe,
wings to the mind, flight
to the imagination.

Kenge Kenge is Kenyan based Traditional Band which uses traditional African instruments to perform songs and dance. The band has performed at big world festivals like the WOMAD festival in the UK, ROSKILDE in Denmark, WOMEX, Smithsonian folk life festival in the USA, RAIN FOREST World Music festival in Malaysia among others. We do performances at Weddings, Parties, Festivals, Schools, Hotels and Clubs among others within and outside the country. We bring life to your event. In Conjunction with Institute of Cultural Music, the band also gives lessons on traditional instruments and dance in Kenya.


FIMU - Belfort, France



United States

Kent, Cleveland

WOMEX live performance

World Music Expo - Copenhagen, Denmark

Afrika Festival Hertme

Hertme, Netherlands

Parties & Weddings

We perform at weddings and parties such as dowry ceremonies or private parties.

Concerts & Festivals

We perform at both national and international festivals across the world. We have our own concerts and also perform at invited concerts and music festivals showcasing traditional African music.

Training & Mentorship

Want to learn how to play a traditional African instrument or dance? Join us in Nairobi, Kenya for professional training on how to play an instrument or dance.

Kenge Kenge symbolises all that is Great about African traditional Music.

Kenge Kenge is a Kenyan Traditional band that was formed and registered in 1996 under the department of Culture. We are the guardians and masters of an ancient but living tradition, breathing new life into Kenya’s Luo musical roots, continuing its evolution from the handmade instruments of the past. Kenge Kenge currently is one of the groups in Kenya playing and dancing traditional music using traditional authentic instruments made by themselves. Kenge Kenge lyrical arrangement reflects lots of Influence from popular acoustic origins of Benga musical style and embrace their Luo heritage. The group thorough mastery of the traditional Luo orutu (fiddle) and Nyatiti (lyre) has spearheaded a new way and approach to how these aged old instruments are played much to the appreciation of contemporary audiences.Characterized by often racy and compact instrumentation, Kenge Kenge‘s music infectiously invites one to the dance floor. The word Kenge Kenge roughly translate as “a medley fusion of small exhilarating ecstatic instruments”. The instruments are drawn from a fine medley of various self-made such as bunde (drums), nyangile (sound box), ongengo (metal ring), asili – (flute), oporo (horn), orutu (fiddle).

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